Monday, July 13, 2009

Cleaning to pick up lines

Neely wonders if cleaning for an hour counts as "exercise."
Yesterday at 2:32pm

Abby at 3:23pm July 12
for sure. that is hard work!

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Neely at 12:20am July 13
kris, i'm totally going to use that line to pick up guys at the gym.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Friend suggestion to a hymn

Jenn: facebook just suggested i add creekside park apartments as a friend.
Yesterday at 9:52pm

Kate at 9:58pm June 22
What would the Beardies say about this?

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Jenn at 10:08am June 23
the whole hymn's worth! he is so goooood! oh James Herriot!
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Friday, April 24, 2009

badass in belgrade lakes

Places I have lived in.

belgrade lakes?? i've been there many times :)

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yeah, i'm pretty badass. i had to protect my brother the whole time we lived there :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

spreadsheets to morning beers?

Brendan: i have created a monster excel sheet with 32 tabs. and now i get to make a second version... maybe after my headache stops.
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Dave at 8:57pm April 16
brah man. I used to look at excels of every single parcel of land in the entire city of minneapolis. when I went home I would continue to see a black square texture on everything. soon enough, the cells become burned into your retina. really bad news, turns out.

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Brendan at 10:21am April 17
i'd crack one open as well if it weren't 8:20 am as i'm getting ready for work. i'll drink one for you later though. maybe once noon rolls around.

law school to motorcycle diaries?

Harvard Law School: HLS Grade Reform: The Official Memo
Way back in September, Harvard Law School announced that the school would be dropping the letter grading system in favor of a hybrid pass/fail system. Then the market crisis bled into the legal industry, Dean Elena Kagan fled to Washington, and grade reform became less of an immediate concern.

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Chen at 6:14pm April 16
If I had a law school, I would award one, two, or three Che Gueveras.

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James at 11:17pm April 16
I watched The Motorcycle Diaries last night.